What are the types of dates and syrups made from them?

Original date syrup has a particular place in meals, especially for breakfast, since it has been proven by research to have a variety of benefits. It is manufactured naturally and has an export status. the action

We will quickly discuss the different sorts of dates so that we may better pick quality date syrup. In order to utilize quality date syrup, we need to know what kind of product it is manufactured from.

Types of dates

Pyarom dates

The most precious date in Iran is a “Pyarom” date. This date is grown mostly in the province of Hormozgan in the southern areas. Because of their light brown skin, Pyarom dates are often referred to as “chocolate dates”. Its cultivation is done on the mountainside slopes without the use of any pesticides, therefore it can be considered that it develops entirely organically.

Mozafati dates

The most popular variety of date that is eaten by most people is the “Mozafati” date. In the province of Kerman, the name “Bam” refers to the primary source of this kind of date.

Zahedi dates

Due to their ease of transportation, “Zahedi” dates are one of the date varieties with the highest volume of exports. The oval-shaped, light-colored Zahedi date, also known as “Qasb,” is typically simpler to keep than other varieties of dates. Iran, namely the cities of Qirokarzin and Bushehr, is where the greatest Zahedi dates are harvested.

Kabkab dates

One of the most delectable varieties of Iranian dates, “Kebkab” dates are utilized wet and completely ripe. Unripe versions of this fruit have a bitter flavor and are often not consumed. The taste of the cabbage is really sweet and excellent, and the cabbage shell is pretty thick. After being harvested, cabbage is pressed using specialized machinery and squeezed in specialized containers since it contains a lot of liquid.

What is syrup?

The concentrated extract of various fruits is what syrup truly is. a naturally occurring, dark-colored, very sweet dessert whose flavor and even concentration vary depending on the fruit from which it is formed. syrup is produced during the season when fruit is in season and inexpensive. In fact, during seasons with less fruit, juicing is a method to utilize more of the benefits of fruit.

How is syrup made?

All syrup are produced using essentially the same methods. The fruit syrup, which ought to be sweet, is consumed first. They then boil it until all of the fruit syrup has evaporated. In the conventional approach, this is done over fire and firewood, but in the industrial method, pots are used under a vacuum to both speed up the production of the sap and retain its nutritional value.

syrup is made from what fruits?

These fruits, including grapes, dates, berries, figs, raisins, and apples, are used to make the most well-known syrup. As we’ll explain below, we also have blended syrup of various fruits, such as Sashereh and Chaharshereh, which are mixtures of grape, berry, fig, and date syrup:

  1. Grape syrup and its properties

The most well-known and popular Iranian syrup is grape syrup, or “Doshab”. The syrup is sweeter and thicker the sweeter and riper the grape. Grape syrup has a wide range of applications, including making syrup and sweetening a variety of dishes such milk, oatmeal, rice milk, and halva.

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This nutritious food is also used in the preparation of a delicious sweet called Basluq, which is a simple combination of grape syrup, flour and walnuts.

In traditional medicine, the nature of grape syrup is considered warm and moist and many benefits have been listed for it. Among other things, it gives strength and ability to the body, it is a blood builder, its sugar is immediately absorbed by the body and it is easy to digest. In addition, it cures the weakness of the nerves and is used to dilute the blood; The properties that are present in grape syrup in the form of concentrated and compressed vitamins are not too far from the mind.

  1. Date syrup and its properties

This syrup is from the south of the country and is very popular. Date syrup is prepared in two ways: one is natural and the other is drip.

In the natural method, juicy dates are pressed to extract the syrup. There is no cooking in this method. As a result, the properties of dates are preserved 100% and when you taste them, you feel the taste of fresh dates.

The second method is like cooking the rest of the syrup: dates are mixed with water and the produced syrup is boiled until it becomes thick.

Date syrup, like grape syrup, is recommended for anemic people. This syrup reduces the weakness and laxity of your body in the cold season and you will be refreshed and energetic after eating it. It is also useful for stomach diseases due to its high potassium and manganese content. In summary, all the properties of dates are present in date syrup.

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