Where the flavor takes flight

Araz Organic Products Trading Company, has been operating in the field of production and export of all kinds of syrup for many years.

To ensure the quality of its products, it carries out all the stages of cultivation of its raw materials under its own supervision, on a large scale and using modern agriculture.

Happiness Tastes Good

Today, Araz organic products has become one of the top companies producing this product in the Middle East with its fertile fields and gardens, expert manpower and using modern equipment.

Syrups have various vitamins and also increase energy in the human body.

Proper packaging and storage

Keeping and warehousing products is an important part of maintaining quality.

The warehouse of our factory is placed under ideal climatic conditions and sterilized to prevent the loss or reduction of the quality of the products.

Safe and fast shipping

Our company has an expert shipping team that can export its products to the whole world by sea, air and land.

Anywhere in the world, you can receive our products as quickly as possible in a completely safe way.